Frequently Asked Questions about bushfire roller shutters.

With the BAL FZ shutter a 5mm toughened glass window is required. IN a standard aluminium frame

Generally most of the bushfire shutters are 240v operated either by switch operation or can be upgrade to remote operation. WIFI connected to a mobile app is an option too. If the shutters are small enough they can be operated with a manual winder inside. Battery operated roller shutters are allowed in the new standard.

Yes of course in addition to fire protection they also have a number of features and benefits.


  • Exceptional insulation properties to reduce your energy costs in both winter and summer as the Heroal Stainless steel slat is injected with High Definition Foam
  • Block out noise and light
  • In some instances save on internal window finishing’s

Yes of course if you send the window schedule to info@bushfirerollershutters.com we can give a quotation subject to a final site measure.

For the curtain as a standard option comes in a stainless steel finish.

The boxing and guides (top pelmet and tracks down the side of the opening) can be powder coated to any standard dulux colour and this is included in the price. Special colors can be quoted on a job by job basis

BAL 40 shutters can be Aluminium as the testing is less than 800 degrees celsius. BAL FZ shutters go through a more stringent test in accordance with AS 1530. 8.2 the test is designed to ensure that if a person is trapped inside the house whilst a fire goes through. The BAL FZ shutter offers the best chance of survival as it has met the requirements of AS 1530.8.2 as per below is a quick snippet of test requirements

13.8 Performance criteria
When exposed to the design bushfire conditions, the building exterior shall not permit the
(a) Formation of an opening from the fire-exposed face to the non-fire-exposed face of
the element through which a 3 mm diameter probe can penetrate for the duration of
the 90 min test period.
(b) Sustained flaming for more than 10 s on the non-fire side for the duration of the
90 min test period.
(c) Flaming on the fire-exposed side more than 30 min after termination of the heating
phase, that is, flaming on the fire exposed face during the last 30 min of the
monitoring phase.
(d) Radiant heat flux 365 mm from the non-fire side of the specimen in excess of
15 kW/m2 from glazed and uninsulated areas during the 30 min exposure and for a
subsequent 60 min test period.
(e) Mean and maximum temperature rises greater than 140 K and 180 K on the non-fire
side during the 30 min heating regime and for a subsequent 60 min period, except for
glazed/uninsulated areas for which the radiant heat flux limits are applicable.
(f) Radiant heat flux 250 mm from the fire-exposed face of the specimen, greater than
3 kW/m2 more than 30 min after completion of the heating phase, that is, flaming on
the fire exposed face during the last 30 min of the monitoring phase.
(g) Mean and maximum temperatures of the internal faces of construction including
cavities, exceed 250°C and 300°C, 30 min or more after completion of the heating

Yes of course once the shutters are installed and final payment is received a certification letter is supplied

Generally speaking if your DA was lodged prior to 1/1/18 then the BAL 40 BAL 40 combination should apply.

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One way is to have fewer windows but larger windows. This reduces the price as there are less install charges, less manufacturing charges and less motorisation of the shutters. Please keep in mind maximum size is 5000 mm wide and 4000 mm high and 12 m2 in total size. The size of the shutter is generally 100mm wider and range from 150mm to 230mm higher than the window.

Yes we do we also fit and supply

Plantation Shutters

Standard Domestic Roller Shutters

Slide Track Blinds


We have the smallest pelmet boxes in the market for BAL FZ roller shutters. Are pelmet sizes start from as small as 150mm up to 250mm however the height would need to be over 3000mm for the requirement of a 250mm pelmet. We are able to do this as our shutter profile (slat size is only 37mm high.

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